The Beginning and the End

19 Aug

Hey friends! I just have a speedy update for you – I am moving to a new blog! I realized I like the simplest format possible, and what with the life changes I am experiencing and so forth, it seemed like the right time.  So, if you care to follow me over to, you are of course more than welcome 🙂 See you there!

Now what was that again?

3 Jun

Dear friends: I think I’m losing my mind. Shush, you in the back with your “just now losing it??”  query. I’ll sic Gibbs on you if I have to. Trust me, after sorting blank test booklets for hours upon hours, the world just doesn’t make sense anymore! so, I sort of forgot my list…hang on…

oh yeah! Florida! Florida was absolutely amazing. The first two days I couldn’t keep my eyes open: I fell asleep in the Jeep, in the nail salon, in Walmart, watching tv, laying by the pool – I was literally lost to the earth for the better part of 48 hours. Then I woke up, and it was all so incredibly beautiful and wonderful and stress-free. Gelato in the afternoons, tv watching, walking the dog, sunbathing for hours by the pool and dipping into the cool water when it got too hot, shopping, manicures, listening to the waves pound on the beach, palm trees everywhere, a late night drive to the harbor in the Jeep with the stars all around and the wind in our hair, fashion shows and harachi shows and racing a storm back to the dock on the boat, watching the wall of rain over the water close behind us and the manatees below and beside us and the double rainbow above us. Now that, my friends, is happiness. (shiver of delight).

I try to keep those pictures in front of me as I go through my days now – work work work it is for me. Started back yesterday, but in 20 hours between yesterday and today, tomorrow is nannying, Sunday I picked up at my nursing job, and next week is five days of 12 hour shifts. mmmmmhm. Thinking I might need to pop over to the library and get some books on cd to load onto my ipod or something – except is that ethical? thoughts?

Well that’s all folks. I’m already sleepy and I sense far more sleepiness on the horizon, so I’m off to make plans for my weekends – they at least should be fun if I’ve got to work literally all week every week!- and watch some tv and try to get visions of barcodes and six digit labels out of my head.

p.s. I’m now reading The Hundred Secret Senses – anyone read it?? Thoughts??

Cragicoin Day

2 Jun

Graduation…where to even begin? I wore shoes I could barely walk in, my hair turned out the way I wanted, I didn’t trip on the stage, and I got to say goodbye to all my friends properly. It was very, very good.

I still remember the thumping in my heart, and what a rush it was to hear my full name read out for my degree. It’s a bigger deal than it seems! It was bittersweet and really, pretty unreal: it seemed like a bunch of children dressed up and playing at grownups together – and me the biggest child of them all. The speakers touched on the future and all the ways we could go – it sent some shivers down my spine, just the uncertainty and broadness of it all.

I don’t know. I guess I have less to say on graduation than I thought at first – I think it’s one of those things you really do have to experience, it’s like my baptism was: there’s something about it that makes it private and special, and if you tried to use words to capture it and explain it, it would lose it’s glory.

So. If you haven’t graduated yet, be excited! and if you have, remember the way it felt to be “someone” for that moment.

Well Then – I guess it’s a beginning

1 Jun

So. wow. May 12. Nearly a whole month ago! Sorry to have left you out, my dears, but I don’t quite think I even know what all has happened these last few weeks. More than I can even remember. So, not to disappoint, but this will not be a catching-up post. It’s going to take a couple posts to accomplish that! But I’ll drop a few teasers in for you, by listing the things I need to write about in future posts:

1) Graduation

2) New Job

3) Trip to Florida

4) Stupid job search

5) Spiritual growth lessons.

6) Dreamy sorts of things

All in the last three-ish weeks. So you understand why I feel a bit railroaded, like a giant whirlwind whipped through and blew me right off my feet! But don’t worry – between jobs over the next few days, I’ll do my best to catch you all up, and then we can carry on like this little seperation never happened. Deal? Ok then.

Right now I need to get back to my poor room, which looks as though the same whirlwind caught up to it! Vacation does that to a space you know. But perhaps even later tonight I will get around to the first of my catch-up posts – all about that great moment, graduation.

Till then friends

This thing called…you know

12 May

Hello long lost friends! I’ve missed you 🙂 Even now there isn’t much time to write, because I’ve got to get out of the house and get my errands run before I give in to my darker side and crawl back into bed! Here’s a quick rundown on everything I can think of off the top of my head:

I’m going to Florida to visit my aunt – happy graduation present to myself 🙂 I got an A on my evil thesis!! Party time, definitely. I have a temporary full time job that I start Sunday, but I also have a phone interview on Friday (tomorrow, eek!) for a permanent full-time job. If you have tips on phone interviews, by the way, please share because I haven’t the faintest idea of how to work them to my advantage! I graduate on Saturday – I can’t really believe it, it doesn’t seem real at all. I mean the concept is in my head, but I don’t think it will really sink in until next fall when suddenly I’m NOT packing up a backpack and throwing together a schedule. crazy! I have officially read over thirty books since January 1st of this year, and I’m still trying to keep networking and spreading the word about my book, but it is so time consuming that I haven’t for a couple days again.

And that’s really all the news I can think of. I haven’t done much fun things – people are apparently very busy, but I always have my sister around to entertain me, and we’ve gone on a couple adventures lately 🙂 Today I’ve got to go out and have a drug test for the new job – yay for that right? soooo pleasant! and I’m going to drop off an application for a job with the city, just to keep my bases covered. I also need to run out and buy some caffeine in a can because, this new job, well – – – – – it starts at 5 a.m.

On that note, sayonara. Catch me up on your lives when you have the time, ok? talk to you soon!

Angelic Encounters of the Rainiest Kind

26 Apr

I would now like to inform you that it is, in fact, raining. Surprise!!

Needless to say, the drive to school was long and wet, the walk from class was long and wet, and the drive home from school was long and wet.


I had an encounter which brightened my whole day. I am quite convinced it was orchestrated by my heavenly Father to give me energy for the week ahead.

As I was sloshing my way from my car to class, I passed the maintenance buildings, perhaps 30 steps from the parking lot, so not far into my walk at all. At that moment a maintenance truck pulled up beside me, and a guy inside waved me over. When I opened the door he asked me if I would like a ride. I said yes please! and jumped in. He said, “We’re not really supposed to give rides, but it’s raining pretty hard and I do lots of things I’m not supposed to do.” He drove me right to the door of the building I had class in, and then drove off.

It was such a blessing to not tromp through all that rain and puddles and mud. Really. It’s just one of those random encounters that makes you feel blessed to be alive. and this isn’t the first time my Father has used a rainy day to highlight His goodness to me.

The other time was freshman year of college. I volunteered at a center about two miles from the school, and I didn’t have a car so I always walked. The day in question it was, of course, raining, and as I walked through the downpour I found myself following a young man with an umbrella. we ended up pausing for the walk lights at the same time a few times, and finally he turned and asked me teasingly if I was stalking. We talked a little bit, and he asked me to walk under his umbrella. He said he worked at Subway, so we would be going the same direction for awhile. We made small talk, but as we reached the Subway he continued walking. I asked him if this was the one and he said, oh no, he worked farther down the street. He walked me all the way to the center, and when I looked back I saw him walking back the way we had come. I know for a fact that’s the only Subway in town, so he had come almost a mile extra with me just to keep me dry.

People are very kind, or can be, can’t they? Or perhaps they were angels, because I never saw the one guy again, and I’ve never seen the guy from today before. I don’t want to know which. I’d rather be still and thank God for His grace. I hope you experience the grace of God friends. Have a lovely, rainy day.

Wigglies and Warbles

26 Apr

That’s wigglies, ladies and gentelmen, NOT to be confused with the Wiggles, of which I have seen farrr too many episodes and whom I will sincerely hate until the day I die. Now that that’s settled:

What a beautiful day today!! I had my window opened and everything! I played Matt Maher’s Come Awake over and over, I’ve been breathing in the wildflowers on my desk (which, ironically, I purchased at the grocery store this morning), and I even cleaned and so forth. I am so proud.

Unfortunately I did things very backwards today: I went to the library and got some new books as part of my errand-running, and then came home to work on homework. Bad plan. Really.

Anyways, life is humming along: I’ve gotten some reviews on my thesis so I’m working on finishing those (p.s. Katie dear, I don’t seem to have a current email address for you…), and my macro project is this weekend – eep! I’m still applying like mad for jobs, and still hearing a maddening silence. On the writing frontier, I’m on a website to exchange writings, and the last three days have been explosive in terms of networking and committing to read other people’s things so they will read mine – oh come, dear summer, and liberate me from nonsensical standardized education so I can revel in literary land! I have four classes left, three days of field, and roughly four projects to finish before the end of term in less than two weeks. In less than three I will be a fully graduated, well, graduate. double eep!

I’m going to Florida to celebrate I think, the prices are a tad higher than I thought but it will be fabulous to soak in some sun, rest, read, explore the local area, and maybe even go parasailing! so exciting despite a small fear of heights.

And that’s about where I’m at today. Happy, busy, exhausted, content, and really quite pleased with life in general. I hope you are as well dear friends: drop me a line now and then, yes?